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Finding jobs online

February 17, 2014

Online job sites are a great way to look for a job because you can:

  • Search by keyword, industry type and region to match your skills and interests to jobs that are available in your area
  • Find jobs that interest you and save them to look at later
  • Create an online profile and store your resume so it can be seen by potential employers (but don't rely on this approach as your only way to find a job)

Job sites often have related resources such as self-assessment tools, sample resumes and job-seeking advice. It's also increasingly common for many employers and recruiters to only advertise jobs online.

Setting up your personal profile

Many job sites can automate your job searches by creating a personalised profile that narrows down your job preferences and you'll get an email when a matching job comes up.

When you're setting up a profile, be fairly flexible and pick a range of keywords. Don't just use the title of your dream job. Try a few different related words, or even some unrelated ones. You might find out about some interesting options that you'd otherwise miss.

Applying for jobs online

Read over any guidelines or instructions carefully before you send anything off. Be just as careful applying online as you would with something you print. Don't rush it - save your application and come back to it later if you need to.

Tailor your resume and cover letters for each job application. It's tempting to have a 'one size fits all' approach with your online job applications, but employers can tell if your application is too generic.

Some companies use scanning software to review online applications. This software looks for keywords to make sure that you've addressed the key selection criteria. Try to use the keywords that appear in the position description so your application is clearly related to the job being advertised.

See our Applying for jobs section and Online applications page for further information.

Employment agencies

Employment agencies act on behalf of their client: the employer. Their goal is to find a person with the skills, qualifications and experience to match the jobs that are available. They use a number of methods to advertise jobs, including ads on their own websites or other job search websites, like Seek.

Often, agencies specialise in one particular industry (for example, information technology, or building and construction). You can search for jobs posted by specific recruitment agencies on the larger job search sites. This is useful if you're looking for work in a particular industry.

Government jobs online

Both the Federal and the Victorian Governments advertise job vacancies online. The following links provide government positions only. 
Jobs with the Victorian Government are advertised in this searchable database that allows you to create your own jobseeker profile.

Australian Job Search
Lists all jobs with the Australian Federal Government. You can search for jobs by location.

Other online job links

My Career 
Search for jobs advertised by both employers and employment agencies.

Searchable database of job vacancies advertised by recruiters and employers.

Career One
Job site listing jobs from employers and recruitment agencies.

Part Time Online
Search for part-time and casual jobs.

Byron - List of Employment Agencies Across Australia
Features over 2000 employment agencies across Australia. Search by location and by industry.

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