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Eight Green Juice Recipes

Eight Green Juice Recipes

Juicing is a great way to get the nutrients your body needs from vegetables if you don’t eat enough as part of your regular diet. You can make juices in bulk and refrigerate them for the week, or whip up the green goodness on the fly when your body is feeling sluggish. The key to making a green juice that doesn’t taste like weeds is to balance the herbs and greens with a little fruit like green apple, cucumber or pineapple.

If you are interested in incorporating juices into your diet, then investing in a quality juicer is a good idea. Juicers can get expensive quickly but for moderate juicing, you don’t need something so state-of-the-art. If you have a stand mixer, try looking into an attachment to cut down on extra kitchen gadgets.

1. Allergy Fighting Juice
via Vibrant Bean

Be sure to wash everything thoroughly before beginning. This applies for all produce. For citrus, remove the peel to ensure the bitter pith doesn’t get juiced into the drink.

2. Mango, Kale, Spinach and Apple Smoothie
via Love. Life. Eat

Here’s an option for anyone who doesn’t have a juicer but wants the same benefits of green juice. For an added bonus, this recipe is more filling than just a glass of juice so it can be subbed for a morning or afternoon snack.

3. Citrus Green Juice
via Daily Squeeze

Your morning OJ never tasted so good. Try adding grapefruit for extra citrus flavor. Instead of celery, you can also substitute half of a cucumber. If you like some serious bite in your beverages, try using half spinach, half arugula. The arugula provides a peppery flavor that will add a kick.

4. Celery Pear Healthy Green Juice
via Little Leopard Book

This recipe uses mint to add an herbal sweetness. If you don’t like a lot of pear flavor, use three pears and three green apples. This recipe only makes one drink, so make it a couple of times and store the extra in the fridge.

5. Spinach Lemonade
via Nosh and Nourish

Bring a little summer to the cold weather with this healthy play on lemonade. The recipe suggests adding a splash of agave to the completed juice, which is needed to cut the tartness. Also, try juicing a mango into the blend for some natural sweetness.

6. Pressed Juicery’s Green Juice
via Honest Cooking

Los Angeles’ Pressed Juicery’s green juice recipe is a must needed addition to any juice recipe collection. By balancing romaine and celery with strong flavors like kale, watercress and ginger, this drink packs a vitamin punch but goes down easy.

7. Lean Green Smoothie
via Cheese Please

This green smoothie has a little tropical kick with the addition of pineapple and mint. If pineapple isn’t your favorite, you can use mango, peaches, or even fresh apricots. Throw in a scoop of protein powder for a post-work out snack.

8. Basil, Apple Cucumber and Lime Juice
via Shutterbean

This juice is reminiscent of a mojito with a savory twist. For a little summer twist, try using half basil and half mint to really appreciate the mojito flavor. Using naturally sweet apples like a pink lady or fuji will also help mellow the tartness o

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